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Article Description (EN) Dimensions Picture Information
510553 U-profile, pine color 5m
510550 U-profile, white 5m *
882175 Sound absorber selfgluing 7x1.5
882103 Sound absorber selfgluing 10x3
200022 Lock for drillhole, CR 19x22
870080 Joining rail 3x16x80 *
701010 Glue bag 10g
701015 Glue bag 15g
701020 Glue bag 20g *
890002 Shoerack 2 shelfs 200x295
828003 Cable outlet, plast. grey 80x24
826012 Cable outlet, plast. black 60x24
828000 Cable outlets, plast. black 80x24
826020 Cable outlet, plast. beige 60x24
828002 Cable outlet, plast. beige 80x24
828001 Cable outlet, plast. white 80x24
828015 Cable outlet, stainless steel 80x22
845324 H profile, brown 4/5x16x4000
845024 H profile, dark beige 4/5x16x4000
845224 H profile, white 4/5x16x4000
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