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Article Description (EN) Dimensions Picture Information
221002 Railing tube, CR 16x1000
220602 Railing tube, CR 16x600
900379 Railing soap cup, CR
406103 Railing cutlery holder, CR 330x150 H280
406102 Railing cutlery holder, CR 330x190 H280
406100 Railing cutlery holder, CR 110x125x255
406010 Railing lid holder, CR
861105 Railing holder, CR H38
406022 Railing dish dryer L600
649252 Railing dish dryer w towel holder, CR
416166 Railing corner basket, CR 270x270 H245
649244 Railing corner basket, CR 270x220 H440
900050 Railing joint
900390 Railing clock, CR 90x85 H170
406169 Railing bottle holder, CR 245x125 H355
406149 Railing bottle holder, CR 245x125 H245
861102 Railing cover cup, CR
406133 Railing knife holder w notes holder, CR 300x160 H300
900055 Railing corner, CR 16x90'
900059 Railing corner, CR 16x135'
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